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The Eat Better Fruit Stand Directory makes it easy to find farmers markets, fruit stands and on farm markets near you. There are over 9000 locations across the United States that sell fresh locally grown produce of all types including but not limited to:

Baked goods, Cheese and/or dairy products, Crafts and/or woodworking items, Cut flowers, Eggs, Fish and/or seafood, Fresh and/or dried herbs, Fresh vegetables, Honey, Canned or preserved fruits, vegetables, jams, jellies, preserves, salsas, pickles, dried fruit, Maple syrup and/or maple products, Meat, Nuts, Plants in containers, Poultry, Prepared foods (for immediate consumption), Soap and/or body care products, Trees, shrubs, Wine, beer, hard cider, Coffee and or tea, Dry beans, Fresh fruits, Grains and or flour, Juices and or non-alcoholic ciders, Mushrooms, Pet food, Tofu and or non-animal protein, Wild harvested forest products: mushrooms, medicinal herbs, edible fruits and nuts, etc.


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