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Locally Grown Produce

The Eat Better Fruit Stand Directory (EBFSD) makes it easy to find fresh locally grown produce near you. Our website is all you need to quickly find the freshest local grown produce around. Our goal is to help consumers find the freshest locally grown produce around.
If you know of a Farmers market, fruit stand or on-farm market that is not listed here please feel free to help the community by adding it here. We visit as many local farmers markets near us and update their profiles with up to date information, we rely on our community members to add and update market listings that they are familiar with or frequent.


Why you should buy locally grown fruit and vegetables

Buying your produce locally helps to boost your local economy by supporting local farms. Fruit and vegetables contain the most nutrients when they are picked ripe. Vegetables and fruit that are shipped to your local stores are typically picked before they are ripe and then sit on a truck and/or a shelf loosing Nutrients in the process. Produce is usually cheaper when purchased directly from the farmer that grew the nutritious bounty, In fact produce is at it’s lowest price when it’s in season.

Find locally grown produce anywhere in the United States with the Eat Better Fruit Stand Directory.


Fruit Stand Directory Features

 Eat healthy

Our site users can find the freshest locally grown produce (some produce purchased in stores was picked months before you bought before it was ripe and stored in cold storage)

 Geo-location aware

You can easily find fruit stands and farmers markets near you without typing your address


Rate and review your local fruit stands to help inform your fellow humans

 Save your money

Eliminate the middle man, buy direct from the farmer that grew it

 Fruit carts supported

Fruit cart operators help your Customers find you!  Claim your listing and update your fruit carts location at any time! Find out how the Eat Better Fruit Stand Directory can benefit your fruit stand or farmers market.

 Mobile friendly

Our site visitors use the eat Better Fruit Stand finder on all of their devices. Our site users can browse the Eat Better Fruit Stand Directory on Mobile phones and desktop of all screen sizes.


Find your local Farmers Market now

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Products Offered by Farmers Markets

There are more than 8000 Farmers Markets and 1400 On-farm markets in the United States that provide their local communities with fresh fruits and vegetables usually at a cheaper price than your local super market. The following types of products are available at US Farmers Markets according to the USDA  .

Baked goods, Cheese and/or dairy products, Crafts and/or woodworking items, Cut flowers, Eggs, Fish and/or seafood, Fresh and/or dried herbs, Fresh vegetables, Honey, Canned or preserved fruits, vegetables, jams, jellies, preserves, salsas, pickles, dried fruit, Maple syrup and/or maple products, Meat, Nuts, Plants in containers, Poultry, Prepared foods (for immediate consumption), Soap and/or body care products, Trees, shrubs, Wine, beer, hard cider, Coffee and or tea, Dry beans, Fresh fruits, Grains and or flour, Juices and or non-alcoholic ciders, Mushrooms, Pet food, Tofu and or non-animal protein, Wild harvested forest products: mushrooms, medicinal herbs, edible fruits and nuts, etc.