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The Eat Better Fruit Stand Directory (EBFSD) makes it easy to find fresh locally grown produce near you.


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Our Mission

We started this site because when we moved to a new city last year we found it difficult to locate farmers markets near us. But we didn’t want to limit it just farmers markets. We also wanted to be able to find on-farm markets and roadside fruit stands near us too. They were out there but there wasn’t an easy way to find them. I searched google and found some results but it wasn’t a comprehensive list. The info that we did find was scattered among many pages of results. After clicking on over 20 links I had an idea. I thought It would be great to be able to pull out your phone where ever you are and easily find farmers markets, fruit stands and on-farm markets near your current location. Our mission is to become your go to directory for finding fresh fruits and vegetables near you.


Fruit Stand Directory Features

 Eat healthy

Our site users can find the freshest locally grown produce (some produce purchased in stores was picked months before you bought before it was ripe and stored in cold storage)

 Geo-location aware

You can easily find fruit stands and farmers markets near you without typing your address


Rate and review your local fruit stands to help inform your fellow humans

 Save your money

Eliminate the middle man, buy direct from the farmer that grew it

 Mobile fruit stands supported

Fruit stand operators that are mobile such as fruit carts can easily update their location at any time to allow them to be easily located.

 Mobile friendly

Our site visitors use the eat Better Fruit Stand finder on all of their devices. All screen sizes ranging from mobile phones to desktop monitors are supported

If you know of or even if you own a fruit stand that is not listed feel free to add it for free.


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Please contact us with any questions, comments or concerns.