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How to find farmers market Near Me

Need to find a farmers market near you? Farmers markets are everywhere. The Eat Better Fruit Stand Directory makes it easy to find the freshest fresh fruit and produce at farmers markets near you without installing an app.

Use to find a farmers market near you


  1. Click on the location button (blue compass icon) to display the Near me options. Check the box to search using your devices location.
  2. When prompted to allow or deny select the allow access to your phone’s current location
  3.  Click the green search button to display a list of market locations near your current location.

We do not limit you to your current location. Feel free to search for a farmers market anywhere across the United States. Click here to browse by City or State.


EBFSD Features

 Eat healthy

Our site users can find the freshest locally grown produce (some produce purchased in stores was picked months before you bought before it was ripe and stored in cold storage)

 Geo-location aware

You can easily find fruit stands and farmers markets near you without typing your address


Rate and review your local fruit stands to help inform your fellow humans

 Save your money

Eliminate the middle man, buy direct from the farmer that grew it

 Fruit cart stands supported

Fruit stands sometimes have wheels and move around the city. Fruit stand operators can easily update their location at any time to allow them to be easily located.

 Mobile friendly

Our site visitors use the eat Better Fruit Stand finder on all of their devices.


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